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Jain Temples
India is bestowed with the blessings of the diverse religious faiths. Jainism is one of them, Jain Tirthankars - religious preachers spread the message of peace, non violence, love and enlightenment all over the world. The core of this great religion and its preaching is evident in the cave temples, in the studied molded stones and in the numerous illustrated manuscripts. It is this teaching that has attracted and moulded the sentiments of millions of people across the nation as well as the world.

Thousands of devotees visit India from all over the world to seek blessing and also to marvel at the great Jain architectural splendor. Nestling across the Indian sub-continent, these Jain pilgrimage sites are the best destination options for tourists and pilgrims.
  Major Jain Temples  
A temple complex that is beautifully carved, it is dedicated to Lord Rikhabdev. With images of several Tirthankaras engraved on the wall panels, and stone elephants at the entrance, the temple presents a pictureque sight. Another major attraction of the complex is the annual Rath Yatra that is held here.
Sri Mahavirji
Situated on the banks of the river Gambhir, this temple is made out of white sandstone. An amalgam of the old and new Jain architecture, it has a legend attached to it, regarding its origin.
Once a capital city, Arthuna is famous for its ruined Hindu and Jain temples. Standing out for their exquisite images of intricately sculpted figures, the origins of these temples date back to the 11th century.
Chamukha Jain Temple
Sprawled over 48,000sq ft, it is the largest and most complex Jain temple in India. One of the five most important holy shrines of the Jains, the intricate and artistic engravings on the pillars and domes leave a lasting impression. .
These temples are characterised by certain decorative and architectural peculiarities. Once a major pilgrim centre for both Hindus and Jains, the temples are like a cathedral to their grand faith.
Built around the 12th or 13th century, this temple is the crown jewel of Juna.
A complex of three Jain temples – Parsvanath temple, Adinath temple and Shantinath temple, Nakoda is a well known Jain pilgrim centre. Dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras, these monuments are famous for their beautiful construction and carvings.
Dilawara Jain Temple
The five magnificent temples of Mount Abu are reason enough to visit the place. Located within an ancient mango grove, these are profusely carved, housing the images of the Tirthankaras. The cool white marble and the airy style of architecture symbolise an aloofness that defines Jain aspirations.
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